EANM´16, October 15 – 19, 2016

European Association of Nuclear Medicine, October 15 – 19, 2016

eanm´2016On behalf of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, it is my pleasure to invite you to the 29th Annual EANM Congress in Barcelona, Spain in October 2016. 
Seven years after EANM’s last visit, Barcelona is again hosting our Annual Congress. We are very much looking forward to a meeting that will combine the best of science and education in nuclear medicine with the splendor of this this wonderful city. 
New developments in devices, methodology, radiopharmaceutical development and clinical applications will again highlight the dynamics of our profession, working closely together within our community and with many other scientific and clinical colleagues who use and benefit from all that nuclear medicine and molecular imaging has to offer. 
In the programme for the EANM’16 congress you will find many features that make our congress into the world-class event that everyone with an interest in nuclear medicine must attend. The EANM Committees put great effort in establishing an educational programme that will highlight the state of the art, teaching you all you must know to remain up-to-date in your practice. The interactive sessions are again featured with even more opportunities for you to participate in active learning. The European School of Nuclear Medicine (ESNM) again took responsibility to organize a large number of educational sessions on cross-sectional imaging, further advancing the pivotal position of the nuclear medicine physicians in the field of multimodality imaging in clinical practice. Furthermore, the collaborations that the EANM Committees foster with our sister societies provide numerous joint symposia with a truly multidisciplinary flavor for you to attend and enjoy. The sessions jointly organized by several EANM Committees will provide an integrative approach to various topics relevant to nuclear medicine. 
Of course the latest achievements in clinical nuclear medicine, science and technology will have a prominent place in the programme in oral and poster sessions. Many sessions will feature an invited speaker to introduce or summarize the session to put the presentations into a broader perspective. The by now well-established tracks M2M (Molecule to Man : basic and translational science) and Do.MoRe (DOsimetry and MOlecular Radiotherapy) will be even more visible than in previous years to give a platform to the best and latest science in these fields. Last year, the Rapid Fire Session was introduced, presenting to you the abstracts in Oncology with highest ratings and quality in a comprehensive session with elevator pitches followed by extensive discussions at moderated poster walks. We hope that you will enjoy the expansion of  the Rapid Fire this year to three sessions, which will bring you the very best not only of Oncology, but also of the M2M and the Do.MoRe tracks. For the first time, EANM’16 will provide the opportunity to submit late braking abstracts (deadline for submission 14 August 2016), which report very novel, outstanding data that are or may become practice changing. A very limited number of these abstracts will be selected for a single Presidential Session. 
At the end of the congress before we say farewell, the traditional Congress Highlights will summarize the science presented at EANM’16. I am delighted that two distinguished members of the European Nuclear Medicine community, Prof. Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré from Nantes, France, and Prof.Eric Aboagye from London, UK, have agreed to take on this task.  
I cordially invite you to EANM16 in Barcelona in October2016, to attend and participate in our annual congress, to discuss science, to learn about the exciting developments in nuclear medicine and to enjoy everything that the city of Barcelona has to offer. 

Wim J.G. Oyen 
EANM Congress Chair 2014–2016